Not Forgiven – Book Two

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Claudia Cabriati is going back.
Back to Araneya.

A place where special relationships were nurtured, where chilling nightmares were born, a place that harbours a shocking secret.

A place of which she has no memory.

Not trusting corrupt politician and owner of Araneya, Senator Carlo Macey, or his twisted version of what happened to her as a child, Claudia decides to return to Araneya, in the slim hope that it will restore her lost memories.

What really took place at Araneya all those years ago? Who was responsible for Benjamin Lucas’ death, the young boy shot in the neighbouring forest? And why had Ricky Taccone, one of Macey’s gun clan, taken his own life?

As Claudia battles for answers, she begins questioning her relationship with the man helping her, the very resourceful and attractive Saul Reardon, a man who bears a troubled past of his own.

With a fresh group of hostile players on their heels and Macey about to be released from custody, time becomes paramount.

Will Claudia finally remember?

More importantly…

Will she want to?