Araneya Mystery Series: Book Two is ready to Pre-Order!

Big News…. Huge!

Hello to my avid and loyal readers! The wait is finally over, well, um, er, almost!

Firstly, an enormous THANK YOU, to all of you for waiting so patiently. The second book in the series, Not Forgiven, took way too long for way too many reasons.

Secondly, another round of thanks to those of you that left me some beautiful notes in the Comments box, when you first subscribed to my newsletter. Your positive strokes and encouragement have helped to keep me motivated and inspired.

Lastly, a sooper dooper humongous thank you to those of you who went one step further, and left a review on Amazon. Leaving a positive review is the ultimate compliment you can give me! I will be touch with you in early March with your special link to your complimentary copy of Not Forgiven.

For those of you that haven’t, but would still like to leave a review of Forgotten, please head over to Amazon by clicking the link below. Shoot me a quick email to let me know of your review, and voilà, a copy of Not Forgiven is yours!


And here it is, drum roll please, the new cover! What do you think?? I would love to hear your feedback and comments, good, bad or ugly!

Nevencarr 650x1000

For those of you who don’t mind waiting until the official release date of April 1, and have $0.99 to blow, enjoy your special Pre-order offer by clicking on the Amazon Pre-order link below. After release day, the price will jump to $3.99, so save yourself three bucks and place your order early!


Thank you all for your support!

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me on any of the links below.

Warm regards,


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