The World’s Top Monuments Revealed

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Going travelling is a fun way to spend your time and definitely something you should do while you’re young. You get to see amazing landmarks that are unbelievable. Here are the world’s top monuments that you need to see at least once while you’re travelling!

The Colosseum

One of the most famous on our list, the Colosseum in Rome is a monument which has millions of people of all ages visiting every year. It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Italy, and it is the biggest amphitheatre ever built. It’s magnificent to look around, and you can learn about all the history of the gladiator shows while you’re there. It’s also beautiful to have a look around at night when it’s lit up. While you’re in Rome, you can also take a look at St. Peter’s Basilica and Trevi Fountain!


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Sirias 3


Chapter 8

Written by: Rosemary Wakelin

Jager’s eyes were like slithery pools of black oil, thick, viscous and strangely hypnotic. Bret staggered back until he collided into a bench, quietly thanked it for keeping him upright. “Who the hell are you?”

“Someone who wants to help. Trust me.”

Bret wasn’t sure what smacked him first, disbelief or disgust, perhaps an insane combination of the two. He shook his head and laughed a short, dry laugh, one devoid of any humour. “Trust you? You, who stand there with your jelly-wobble eyes, talk about some damn happy beach, and then carry on as if Masterson doesn’t exist any longer.”

“He doesn’t.”

Bret’s wide-eyed gaze alternated between Jager and the console. He swore silently. Both he and Masterson were aware of the consequences in performing such dangerous explorations. But never had Bret imagined his long-time friend ghoulishly holed up in some black box on some metallic alien console. A sudden, sharp pain scorched Bret’s chest, reminding him to breathe.

“I can feel your anguish,” Jager said, “It is well justified. That’s why I want to help. But I don’t have much time. They could be watching us.”


Questions, many of them, swarmed Bret like a plague of ravenous march-flies. He dropped open his jaw but no words came out.

“Masterson was our fault,” Jager explained. “We thought that if we executed the plan without Masterson’s knowledge, it would protect him. We were wrong.”

Something new stirred in Jager’s eyes. Regret? Sorrow perhaps?

“We knew that if a younger Masterson interacted with his older self on the beach it would create a temporal paradox and, hopefully a small opportunity to reverse time… save lives.”

“Whose lives?”

“The ones on your planet.”

Bret stilled, pictured a well-used elastic band stretching, ready to snap. “I don’t understand….”

“My race became, as you humans would say, too smart for our own good. Our intelligence accelerated at a remarkable rate, out-living any species. Our bodies, however, didn’t. They rotted as dead flesh does, slowly at first, then more rapidly, the stench unbearable. Our leaders informed us of other worlds, of other species’ bodies we could infiltrate once they were newly dead. But our leaders lied. They weren’t utilising those dead… they were utilising those living.”

“And the beach?”

“An alternate world, purely superficial, very controlled, designed to allay our leaders’ growing guilt.  Whatever remains of their hosts, believes they’re happy at the beach. There are many of us who want to stop our leaders.”

Bret grimaced. The tale was sick, truly twisted. “What do you need me to do?”


 The beach was all sharp sun-lit sands, large explosive waves, a kaleidoscope of coloured towels and umbrellas and the perpetual babble of plastic people with plastic personalities. In the distance, the smell of freshly cooked hot-dogs caused Bret’s stomach to grumble, begged him to follow his latent urges.

He couldn’t. Succumbing to them meant becoming like those around him.

Besides, he had a mission to execute.

He had to find his younger self.

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Submitted by Suraya Dewing on Wed, 2016-04-13 11:33

Wow, what a chapter…lots of action and vivid imagery. It’s amazing to think we are reading about a parallel world that doesn’t actually exist. Now that’s quite an achievement…to make a reader believe the scene. You set up the perfect scenario of the next writer…Bret’s search for his younger self. What a challenge esp. as I’m the next writer (: Eeek! I want to go and search for my younger self too.
Lol! Wouldn’t that be great and then tell your younger self everything life has taught you. Perfect!
Hmmm… there could be a book in this idea!!!

Day 88 of 90: Hope I Help #ASMSG #IARTG #IAN1 #SupportIndieAuthors

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Riley Amos Westbook

I love feeding my soul. Anything I can do to enrich it, I do. It doesn’t take much. Just a bit of time is more than enough. Some people use religion, others hold their morals tight, but it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are attempting to continue your personal growth.

I know the power of a smile, and how one simple gesture can feed someone’s soul. Not to mention, they’re infectious, so one smile can quickly spread to the entire neighborhood.

Something about a smile helps us to connect with other people. It puts them at ease, making it easier to strike up conversations, and it is one of the simplest gestures we as people can do to help improve someone else’s life.

But there are always better, grander gestures you can make in your community. Helping an elderly neighbor with their groceries, running around with the…

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Book Review: The Soul Dick by EM L. Smith


Cleverly Written. 4/5 stars.

The Soul Dick written by EM L. Smith is a uniquely plotted story about a psychologist, Mason Burr, and his super neurotic [and I mean, super neurotic] patient, Jerry Zobec, of whom Burr spends the next 24 hours with. This is due to Burr’s fierce belief that he can help his patients better by having a full-on long session with them instead of the expected short sessions.

The professional relationship that develops between the two men is compelling, humorous and sometimes downright stressful. There were moments I just wanted to reach out to Jerry and put an end to his seemingly endless misery. But, I also couldn’t help but feel enormous empathy for him; he hates his disabilities and only wants to improve.

Smith’s characterisation of Jerry is brilliant, displayed in a mostly light-hearted and humorous manner, yet never in a way that belittles the serious issues of mental illness, particularly the one highlighted in this book. The many societal topics that Jerry broaches, [and there are many] I found quite thought provoking as I did the cause of his mental illness.

What truly captivated me was Smith’s clever writing. She masters the words on every page with such amazing skill, such natural wittiness and warmth.

I only have one question. Where does this Mason Burr reside as I have a couple of people who could really benefit spending 24 hours with him?

I’m hanging out now for the next book.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, non-reciprocal review.