Good thing, bad thing…who knows?

Great inspiring post from Chika over at Twisted in a Positive Way.

Twisted in a Positive Way


Fairly recently, a friend of mine was involved in a collision with a skater who appeared out of the other side of the road and rammed into his car. He was on his way to an important meeting and was just out of his base when the incident happened.

Understandably, he was thoroughly upset by the incident especially as the collision meant that he could not continue on his way because the scene needed to be accessed by the traffic police and the ambulance service also had to be called in, to make sure that the skater guy was not injured internally.

When you factor in the fact that the collision was by no means my friend’s fault, then one would understand his frustration and anger especially as the impact left a dent on his car, caused him to lose the side mirror of his car and ultimately led to…

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Why I LOVE Indie Authors/Books

A beautiful post from Ashley over at Peachy Keen Book Reviews!

Peachy Keen

Hello Everyone!
I’m sorry for posting so much lately, I just have so much to say!  I am filled with such love for all of you and the indie author/book movement as a whole and I wanted to share with you the reason why.

I am a twenty something college student who was first published in 2013 during my senior year of high school.  I continually slaved away at sending query letters to agents, hoping and praying to find someone who would accept my work and help me get traditionally published.  I wanted to spread my work with the world in the biggest way possible and I felt that being traditionally published would help me achieve this.

But that was not the case.

I got rejected time and time again, and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t damper my passion for writing and my characters and…

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Yangshuo: Guangxi Autonomous Region, China. Thanks for the Memories

Thinking of travelling to China? Check out Andy Smart’s informative blog with awesome photos!

Just Turn Left

I must say I miss working in the smaller towns around China; magical amazing days of initiation into TEFL that will forever stay close to me. The attitude and way of life is completely the opposite to that of say Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu or Shenzhen and yes, it is completely stunning!

Yangshuo: From the TV tower. Click to Enlarge

Things are always done in a more relaxed and less formal manner and it’s easy to get work, especially if there is a big tourist influx. Take Yangshuo (Yangers to the local expats) near Guilin for example. There are schools all over the place just ready to take on any foreigner for any length of time. People stay for a weekend, a week or a month. Even those who consider themselves regular teachers really only ever stay for around a year. Take your pick! (tx Wikipedia)


Excerpt from Just Turn…

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Book Review: Fearless by Patricia Hamill


Thought Provoking. 4/5 stars.

Fearless by Patricia Hamill is the story of survival during a zombie apocalypse. It is told through the diary of a young woman who narrates the horrors, the successes, the failures, the laughter and the tears of a group of people as they struggle through their daily lives. Interestingly enough, the main character is never named.

But for the purpose of this review, I will name her ‘Lady’.

‘Lady’ refuses to know the names of those surrounding her. To do so, makes it too personal and thus too painful, if they should die. Instead, she gives them names like Blonde Guy, Artist, Surfer etc.

The emotions described by ‘Lady’ are powerful – the moral choice of what to do through tough times, quite thought provoking. What would you do if in her exact shoes?

‘Lady’ is tough, aggressive, decisive and not always popular because of those characteristics. I found her credible and consistent in personality, so important in any fiction writing, but particularly when using a strong first person POV such as this. And she grows, just as many people would when facing such abysmal situations.

As a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I found Hamill’s writing technique [using a diary format] a fresh and innovative way to tell an apocalyptic story. Her sentences are beautifully crafted, painting vivid pictures of a dreadful era we hope to never see.

The only difficulty I experienced was during the initial parts of the book. The detailed day-to-day drudgery of survival became a little too monotonous for me. But from the moment ‘Lady’ becomes leader, meets Blonde Man etc, I found the book hard to put down.

As for the final chapter?

It completely blew me away.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, non-reciprocal review.