Forgotten by Neven Carr Review – 5/5 Stars

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Title: Forgotten

Author: Neven Carr

Rating: 5/5

Forgotten is an indie suspense novel by author Neven Carr.  The cover of this novel perfectly captures the story as a whole and the synopsis of the book is as follows:

“A young boy is shot and one of the members of an elite gun clan takes his own life. The truth behind what happened lies only in those present, and in the forgotten memories of a seven-year-old child, Claudia Cabriati.

Fear and the bitter stench of death have haunted Claudia for much of her life, even now as a grown woman, along with odd dreams, puzzling cards and the bone-chilling sensation of being watched.

When a vaguely familiar woman possessing secret knowledge about Claudia’s family is murdered, it sets off a string of horrifying events including the brutal murder of a mysterious man and the shocking revelations of family skeletons better left…

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